"Because he will grip you by the shoulders and wrench you around and he will bring his bristly mouth to yours and blow stars down your throat until you are so full of light."


this makes me cry every single time


I need to go read it again

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Blackboard by lemonoclefox
Rating: NC 17
Word Count: 76,800
Summary: Castiel Novak is a college English teacher, in a rather inappropriate relationship with Dean Winchester, who happens to be one of his students. But although their arrangement is one that works perfectly for the both of them, Castiel is starting to worry that maybe keeping it impersonal will be harder than he thought.

Here’s a smutty friends with benefits fic that doesn’t spend much time on social interactions and goes straight to the bedroom. It starts as a one night stand between total strangers and soon becomes clear that Cas, being recently hurt by his ex-boyfriend Balthazar, would like to keep things between them as impersonal as possible. One way to do it is dom/sub flavored role play during sex. It is very interesting to see reserved and shy Cas turn into a dominating guy, while flirty seducer Dean submits to his every whim, and how they switch back the moment they’re finished. Dean is at first happy to oblige and takes full advantage of their no-strings-attached relationship. However, soon emotions start to bleed, unwanted feelings overwhelm them and even dating other people doesn’t help. On top of all smutty goodness, we get delightfully pining Dean and emotionally confused Cas as well.

Oh my, this fic just has all my favorite kinks in one nice package. And the best part? The 16 chapters are neatly divided in half - first we get the story from Cas’ POV and then we see exactly the same events through Dean’s eyes. Alternating POV is among my favorite things; here, the author does an excellent job with both characters. I never felt bored reading the same story (especially the porny parts) twice. 

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tiny!octopus!castiel part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7


Chairs overturned, table upended, television crashed to the ground, broken. The couch was flipped completely upside down, and the kitchen’s floor was covered in shattered glass. The back sliding door was cracked and shoved open, broken off of its track. Despite all of the damage that had been done to his home, the real horror Dean found were the stains on the walls. Black ink, sticky in some places, and dried in others, coated his walls as if a giant printing press had exploded in his house. Once breathing became a natural function again, Dean rushed to his bedroom in fear… and just as he had believed, Castiel was gone. The tank was shattered, and his carpet squished with being water logged. Panic began to seize Dean, and his heart fluttered in his chest in worry. 

He had gone on vacation with Benny for a period of two weeks; for that two week period he had been paying Ash to come and care for Castiel, and he had assumed that nothing had been amiss, since he had heard barely anything from Ash. But now he was wishing he had. Panic seized him up so badly that he almost hunched up onto the ground in the fetal position… but no, he had to find out what had happened. He would call Ash first. The phone rang… and rang…. and rang. It rang a total of six times before going to Ash’s voicemail. Dean tried again, but still no answer. 

Had something happened to Ash too? Was he hurt? Who would have come to his house to kidnap a tiny octopus? There wasn’t even a ransom letter, or note, or anything of the sort. He had to stay calm; if he didn’t stay calm, he would never get himself gathered, and then nothing would happen. He would never find Castiel in a panic. Shaking himself, Dean dialed Ash one more time before giving up. Fresh, hot tears began to fill Dean’s eyes as he thought on how frightened Castiel must be… and how lonely, and maybe even feeling betrayed. They had fought before Dean had decided to give them some time apart. Vacation had been a stupid idea, he should have been here for Castiel. This wouldn’t have happened, or if it had, whoever had taken Castiel would have had to kill him first. 

Dean walked around his house for a clue, for something- anything. 

A stray hair, a foot print, a message Castiel hastily scrawled to him, anything

Please let there be something. 

However, there was nothing, and Dean turned in a slow circle and the tears overwhelmed him then. 

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Pairing: deancasbenny
Rating: Explicit
Length: 6420
SummaryAU in which Dean Winchester is a farmhand on Benny Lafitte’s modern day plantation.